Monday, November 16, 2015

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Good Morning:

It seems the previous Blizzard Bag assignments were not intended for Drawing I students.

Please use the following, if you do not have the "hard copy" I gave out in class.

Instructions:   Blizzard Bag #2

Find an image from a story book, textbook, graphic novel, magazine, etc.  Your terminology packet defines "composition" as what it selected for the image, and where the objects are placed.  

Using your image, describe what is being shown, and where the artist/photographer placed the objects to create what is known as "visual balance," (the equal use of positive space, the objects, and negative space, the background/empty areas).  

Instructions:  Blizzard Bag #3

Using any white paper, draw a common object found in your kitchen:  utensils, tools, etc.  Do the best you can.  You may add values to make it appear more realistic.